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Previous Incidents

[Resolved] some subdomains unreachable, sometimes

This incident lasted 22 minutes.
Wed, 25 Oct 2017
15:28:37 CEST

It seems there are/were issues with some subdomains for some parts of the world over the past 15 minutes. That included and

Right now, everything seems back up, but we continue to investigate and keep you posted.

15:50:43 CEST

We have reason to believe this problem was caused upstream by a network issue at one of our DNS providers that has been solved now., and have been reachable everywhere for the past 20 minutes. All systems are go.

Both our application and network monitoring show that the numbers of successfully processed requests was never significantly different from the average load on our systems at this moment of the day.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

[Resolved] Some floor plans are not being rendered

This incident lasted 28 minutes.
Wed, 20 Sep 2017
17:03:22 CEST

We've had a report that some floor plans fail to render, specifically with the error message: "CloudFront wasn't able to resolve the origin domain name." We are investigating and will keep you posted!

17:15:36 CEST

Around 10% of chart renderings fail, due to what looks like a problem with our CDN.

17:21:26 CEST

We can confirm there is an issue with the ".IO" root name servers - so even further upstream than the CDN. We keep monitoring the situation, and are considering alternatives and workarounds. Stay tuned.

17:32:21 CEST

We found a temporary workaround, and can confirm floor plans are 100% ok again. We'll keep monitoring the .IO name server issue, but for now all systems are go.

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